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We investigate the management of prostate and bladder cancer, research into molecular mechanisms of cancer progression and biomarker research.

A scientist at work in the laboratory. © NDS
A scientist at work in the laboratory.

Although cancer research activities in Surgery have taken place at Oxford for many years, the establishment of a Surgical Oncology Section within the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, as part of the Oxford Cancer Research Centre, and affiliated to the Department of Oncology, has allowed for the first time the three major cancer treatment areas, i.e. radiation, drugs and surgery to be placed within a cohesive structure which facilitates translational research. 

Our research includes:

  • Management of urological malignancies, in particular prostate and bladder cancer. Phase III clinical trials, Chief Investigator, HTA NIHR ProtecT (Prostate testing for cancer and Treatment) study
  • Translational biomarker research
  • PI NCRI ProMPT (Prostate Mechanisms of Progression and Treatment) study 
  • Basic science research including molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of disease progression in prostate/bladder cancer
  • Translational research programme centred on identification of the ‘lethal clone’ in high risk localised prostate cancer (SPACE Study)
  • Comparing two prostate biopsy techniques (TRANSLATE Trial)
  • Testing new imaging techniques in high-risk prostate cancer patients (PROMOTE Study)
  • Looking at high intensity focused ultrasound or surgery to treat prostate cancer contained in one part of the prostate gland (PART Trial)
  • Robotic and minimally invasive surgery.

For our research activities, we are developing a rich environment based on inter-disciplinary work with world-class researchers and resources at Oxford. We are locating young researchers and clinical academic trainees in the best and most suitable institutes, to match their area of interest, and allow them to be mentored and fostered jointly by senior clinical academics and senior scientists. 

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