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TRIG has established many research collaborations on a local, national and international level;

We are developing close links with Leiden University including participation in the Massive Open Online courses and the potential development of a Leiden-Oxford summer school. Sebastiaan Heidt and Dave Roelen from LUMC have both been Post-docs in TRIG. Sebas in 2009 - 2011 and Dave in 1994 - 1996.  For information about the MOOC course read more here

Oxford - Professor Peter Friend, Professor Rutger Ploeg and the clnical transplant team at the Oxford Transplant Centre;   Dr Susan Fuggle  (OTC); Dr Paul Harden (OTC); Professor David Taggart (Nuffield Dept of Surgical Sciences); Mr Tim Goodacre (OUH NHS Trust); Professor Robin Choudhury (Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine); Dr Rhys Evans (Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics); Professor Paul Klennerman (Nuffield Dept of Medicine); Professor Ruth Muschel (Dept of Oncology), Professor Chris Pugh (Nuffield Dept of Clinical Medicine), Dr Atsushi Yamamoto (Nuffield Dept of Medicine)

UK – Professor Giovanna Lombardi (King's College London); Professor Waseem Qasim (UCL);  Professor Giulio Cossu (UCL)

International – Drs Tony Atala and Shay Soker (Wake Forest University, USA); Dr Takaaki Koshiba and Professor Shimon Sakaguchi (Kyoto University, Japan); Dr Terry Strom (Harvard University, USA); Dr Angus Thomson and Heth Tunquist (Pittsburgh University, USA); Dr Piotr Tronzkowski (Gdansk University, Poland); Professor Birgit Sawitzki (Charite Berlin, Germany); Professor Ed Geissler (University of Regensburg, Germany) and the ONE Study partners; Professor Bernard Vanhove (INSERM Nantes, France) and the TRIAD partners; Professor Dr Petra Reinke (Charite Berlin, Germany) and the BIODRIM partners