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Graduate destinations of our alumni include DPhils at Oxford (a very popular route, attracting approximately 20% of students each year), PhDs at other universities all over the world (a further 20%) and subsequent research assistant posts. About 20% of each class has either returned to or begun medical school, in Oxford or elsewhere. A few of our alumni have gone into the teaching profession, and a number have gone into industry.

Most of our alumni stay in touch, and there is an opportunity for new students to meet graduates of the course. Alumni who are still in Oxford will often mentor a new student over the course of the MSc.

Thomas Koller

These are a few of our former students:

  • Thomas Koller (class of 2014/15) went on to study graduate medicine at the University of Cambridge.
  • Philipp Kruger (class of 2013/14) continued to a DPhil in Oxford. His research in the group of Omer Dushek is focused on generating predictive models of T cell activation through chimeric antigen receptors and the integration of costimulatory signals. He is active in the British Society for Immunology and teaches immunology and cancer immunotherapy to biochemists, medics and biomedical scientists.
  • Lark Greenwald (class of 2011/12) was a Clarendon Scholar and returned to the US.
  • Lena F. Burger (class of 2010/11) continued to and completed a DPhil in Oxford and is now working in industry.
  • Adam Dmytriw (class of 2009/10) is a resident physician in the University of Toronto Diagnostic Radiology program. He has lead numerous research endeavours in diagnostic and interventional radiology, the results of which have been presented nationally and internationally. He credits the Integrated Immunology program with providing an invaluable foundation for his development, both with regards to understanding disease pathophysiology and in managing research projects. [Information as of July 2014]
  • Ana Raykova (class of 2009/10) started a PhD at the Institute of Experimental Immunology at the University of Zurich with Professor Christian Münz. Her project was "studying the defect in the humoral immune responses in mice with reconstituted human immune system components (huNSG mice)".
  • Melis Anahtar (class of 2008/09) wrote on her MIT blog about her experience