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Dr Jessica Scaife

Dr Jessica Scaife

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Jessica Scaife


Development Lead, NDS SITU

Development Lead

I oversee all aspects of the development of funding applications as they progress through our EOI pathway. 

I have over twenty years experience designing experimental paradigms. A Neuropsychopharmacologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist, my research combines neuroimaging, electrophysiology and stimulation to investigate the neural and pharmacological basis of reward and emotion. During my 20 year postdoctoral career, I investigated brain function in both patient populations and healthy volunteers, using MRI and MEG. I ran studies in experimental medicine, Phase 1 and 3 clinical trials, including deep brain stimulation with Alex Green. I use mixed methods research to capture the lived experience of patients.

A member of the MSD PPI network, I lead PPI throughout trial development, and beyond, I am committed to developing and fostering greater connections with patient partners and charities. 

I am passionate about public engagement and encouraging students to consider careers in STEM through events and work experience.