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Jessica Scaife

BSc (Hons) PhD PGCE

Development Lead for NDS SITU

I am Development Lead for NDS SITU, overseeing a portfolio of surgical clinical trials in the areas of urology (PROMOTEPART and TRANSLATE), Transplant (NKP-1, TWO  and SENTINEL), cardiology (ART) breast cancer (ENDONET), and device trials in ophthalmology and deep brain stimulation. I oversee the portfolio with Amy Taylor and work closely with the director of SITU, Sheraz Markar, and the deputy directors, Michael DouekRichard Bryant and Alex Green.  

I am involved in the development of new grant applications, the setting up of new trials and provide ongoing management and guidance to trials at all stages. I am responsible for helping the trial managers meet their trial milestones and work closely with the trial CIs to ensure trials are delivered to a high standard.

I have been in research for over two decades. I hold an honours degree in neuroscience and a PhD in psychopharmacology from Nottingham University. I have worked at the University of Sussex and spent the last nine years in the Department of Psychiatry here in Oxford. During my postdoctoral career, I have gained broad range of experience investigating brain function in both patient populations and healthy volunteers, using MRI and MEG. I managed a number of experimental medicine studies, phase 3 clinical trials and a device trial in collaboration with industrial partners. I am also a trained secondary science teacher and was Head of Biology before returning to research in 2013. I am passionate about public engagement and I am an In2Science mentor to encourage students into STEM.