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Patrick Coakes

BSc, MSc

Research Technician

After completing a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Biological Sciences by Research, I joined the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) in 2022 as a Research Technician in Human Islet Isolation.

As a Research Technician, I provide technical support for clinical and research procedures within the Oxford Consortium for Islet Transplantation (OXCIT). A sizeable part of my duties revolves around assisting with islet isolations. I prepare solutions, assist in the preparation and set up of the laboratory, carry out decontamination and clean-up procedures, and perform quality and function testing of islet preparations. During periods when I’m not isolating islets, I monitor the equipment and stocks, check the air handling system, laboratory room pressures and temperature-controlled devices, and assist in recordkeeping and database management. Additionally, I support in a range of research projects within islet isolation, islet pre-conditioning or islet transplantation. Separate from laboratory duties, I take primary responsibility for the distribution of islets by liaising with participating research centres across the UK.