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Global Surgery

Dr Søren Kudsk-Iversen will discuss 'Planetary health and global surgery – why we should consider them interlinked'.

Mr Noel Peter and Dr Soham Bandyopadhyay will present 'Harnessing the potential of an international collaborative in paediatric surgery'.


Dr Søren Kudsk-Iversen is a consultant anaesthetist at OUH and a senior research associate with the Conflict and Health Research Group, King’s College London. He has worked in a number of different low resource settings and has undertaken primary research with MSF, ICRC, and Emergency among others. In recent years he has been involved with sustainability in the operating theatre across the region, including leading several projects at OUH.

Mr Noel Peter is a Consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedics, and Senior Clinical Lecturer in Global Surgery at the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences at the University of Oxford. Noel has been involved in global health projects with a focus on collaborative partnership to improve surgical training in low-and-middle income countries, particularly in the area of Major Trauma care. His research interest revolves around health care systems and policy research in low resource settings, with a focus on non-communicable diseases.

Dr Soham Bandyopadhyay is an academic clinical fellow in neurosurgery. His research interests are in neurosurgery, global health, and medical education. He works with Mr Noel Peter and Professor Kokila Lakhoo's research group at the University of Oxford to improve health outcomes for patients globally, with a particular focus on children and non-communicable diseases.  


Co-hosted by Oxford University Global Surgery Group 


Chair: Professor Kokila Lakhoo

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.

Please email Louise King if you would like to attend online.