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The latest issue of the Journal of the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (JNDS) has been published.

Journal of Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (JNDS) logo

This issue is dedicated to Professor Sir Peter J Morris who sadly passed in October of last year. Sir Peter was third Nuffield Professor of Surgery and Head of the Nuffield Department of Surgery at the University of Oxford between 1972 and 2001. He founded the Oxford Transplant Centre, established a major vascular unit and developed an internationally renowned research programme in transplant immunology. To learn more about Sir Peter's life, you can read his obituary written by Emeritus Associate Professor David Cranston in this issue of JNDS. You may also be interested in reading Professor Cranston's editorial on 'Surgery in Oxford'.

Plus, in this issue of the journal, Professor Meghana Pandit, who transitioned from surgeon to Chief Medical Officer to CEO of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is profiled. There is also a great mix of case reports on a variety of topics and Dr Shobhana Nagraj writes about global surgery, providing an overview of this rapidly developing field, its origins, and its links to the discourse on universal health coverage. 

Read this issue of JNDS. You can also browse through past issues.