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The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) were thrilled to part in this year's IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festival.

NDS surgeon demonstrating how to close a surgical wound using a banana and the IF Oxford 2021 logo

An NDS team of outreach volunteers participated in an online careers event and exhibited hands-on activities at the festival's 'Science at the Shops' exhibition. 

Have you thought of a career in medical research?

Teenagers where invited to join a conversation with three researchers, including Katherine Hurst from NDS, on Thursday 21 October. This webinar is part of an on-going series, which aims to highlight the wide range of different careers available in medical research and some of the surprising ways that people have got there. 

Cutting-edge research

On Sunday 24 October 2021, a group of NDS researchers, surgeons and administration staff set up a family-friendly exhibit at Templars Square Shopping Centre in Oxford.

Visitors to the stall embarked on an interactive journey as trainee surgeons to discover more about the department's exciting work. To prepare for surgery, participants completed the Glo Germ activity, which demonstrated the sticking power of germs and the necessity of good hand washing techniques before surgery - and in general. Once in the operating theatre, they learnt how to tie surgical sutures and close surgical wounds with a banana as a patient.

The activities were most popular with children between the ages of five and 15 years, and most said they were more interested in science and medicine after visiting the stall. Comments included: "This was very enjoyable, and Simon and Emily were very kind and helpful" and "It was very fun and a little hard, but was exciting to do".

NDS Outreach Committee 

The NDS Outreach Committee are now busy planning their outreach programme for 2022. Please contact Louise King if you are an NDS member interested in joining the NDS Outreach Committee or would like to be involved with our outreach activities on an adhoc basis.

The IF Oxford Outreach Team

Lisa GartnerLisa Gartner

Research Assistant

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