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David Cranston, Emeritus Associate Professor of Surgery, has published a new book entitled 'Peter Morris and his Legacy to Transplantation'.

Book cover: Peter Morris and His Legacy to Transplantation by David CranstonSir Peter Morris was one of the leading pioneers of transplantation in the 20th century. Although his main clinical focus was on kidney transplantation, his scientific achievements had a profound effect on the whole of the transplant community. 

In this book, Professor David Cranston provides a very well-written account of the life of Peter Morris, from his humble beginnings, through tragedy to triumph. 

Professor Peter Friend of the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences said: "Peter Morris' professional life spanned the journey of organ transplantation from highly risky experimental enterprise to successful therapy. In these pages, David Cranston describes the man as well as his achievements: what led him to a career as an academic transplant surgeon; his family life and friendships; his qualities as a surgeon, as a leader, as a scientist. What comes across are not just the achievements, but also the humanity of one of the most universally respected surgeons of his generation. It is a picture of Peter Morris that will be very familiar to all who knew him."


The book is published by Words Design. Find further details and order a copyCopies are also available from Professor Cranston.