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Patient and public involvement and engagement is a key factor in the project, and we believe it is crucial to the successful delivery of our aims. Before writing the grant application we sought patient and public views on the use of Computer Assisted Technology (AI) and Digital Pathology through focus group meetings.

Patient views were used to help in the writing and designing of the project application, and one patient representative is named in the application too.

Since then, we have recruited two more Patient Reps on the study – all three are prostate cancer patients and have direct experience of the prostate cancer pathway.

Our patient representatives are full members of the Study Project Management Board and are actively engaged in various aspects of the project such as:

  • Key decision making processes e.g. consent and opt out
  • Monthly PMB meetings and other meetings as required
  • Review and comment on project documentation
  • Contribute to, and review patient and public facing material such as the study leaflet, publications and the standard slide set for the study.   

Richard Scheffer, Patient representative on the ARTICULATE PRO study

The reason I wanted to be involved in this project as a former patient with carcinoma of the prostate is my hope that it will ultimately improve outcomes for patients.  -Dr Richard Scheffer    

We also work with organisations such as Prostate Cancer UK, who support this project, to disseminate information about the project in various formats and to as many diverse groups as possible.  We have engaged with the BRC Oxford Diversity in Research group too, to talk about the project and seek their views on the work we are undertaking.

Changing the Landscape of Prostate Cancer Care from the Patient Perspective

Dr Richard Scheffer spoke with Paige about his work as a patient advocate with Prostate Cancer UK and his participation in the ARTICULATE PRO project. Read about his amazing journey.