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the project

We are using the Paige Prostate diagnostic system in a study, called ARTICULATE PRO, to assist prostate biopsy reporting across three NHS sites and to evaluate the technology in use by pathologists. This study is an “Evaluation of Clinical Care” (service evaluation) and is funded by the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative (NHS AAC) and NHSx.

We will assess:

  • Performance of the technology in NHS practice
  • Improvements in diagnostic accuracy and efficiency
  • Understand the clinician experience to help professional uptake
  • Create guidelines and standards for best practice
  • Three members representing patient and public will assess impact on patient experience and develop patient-led guidelines and thought leadership on the use of such technology.

The study has three Guiding Principles:

1)  Patient data is subject to all applicable laws and regulations including GDPR, and data use is minimised as far as possible.

2)  Paige Prostate is used only for analysis – the AI system is not changed nor modified using the patient tissue images in any way.

3)  Pathologists determine and authorise the diagnosis and can agree or disagree with the findings of Paige Prostate. Paige Prostate is not a replacement of the pathologist but rather provides additional information to help pathologists.