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The MSc in Integrated Immunology is designed to present immunology within the broader context of the basic sciences and biomedicine. Both the fundamental (basic) and clinical (applied) aspects are explored in depth and breadth, and integrated with relevant areas of other disciplines such as molecular cell biology, genetics and clinical trials, together with continuing professional development. Students will be taught by leading academics in immunology throughout the first two terms of this MSc and that they will be doing their third term research project in a top-ranked research department.

The specific aims of the course are:

  • To provide, in the first two terms, comprehensive and in-depth teaching for students in both fundamental and clinical immunology, i.e. in both the basic scientific and applied aspects.
  • To integrate the scientific, clinical and applied aspects of immunology, for a well-rounded approach.
  • To provide, in the third term, high-quality training in research methods (practical & design) that can be applied to basic or applied areas of immunology in the future.
  • To include professional development and transferable skills.
  • To encourage immunological scientists to relate to the clinical interface, and to encourage clinical graduates to obtain a deeper understanding of the scientific aspects of immunology.
  • To build a network of potential leaders in fundamental and clinical immunology for the future

The subject matter covered under fundamental immunology fulfils in its entirety the fundamental immunology component of the JRCPTB (Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board) immunology curriculum.