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Immunology is an interesting, complex and dynamic subject, the applications of which have changed society. The discoveries and inventions of immunologists have led to worldwide successes in vaccination, immunotherapy, transplantation and immunodiagnostics. Students on this course study the fundamental, applied and clinical aspects of immunology in depth and breadth. This course is aimed at bioscience and medical graduates who want to gain an integrated understanding of the human immune system in health and disease, and of the wider applications of modern immunology.  

The specific aims of the course are:  

To provide for students:

  • a contemporary and in-depth education in fundamental, applied and clinical immunology
  • unrivalled opportunities to discuss immunology with academic, research and clinical immunologists
  • high-quality training in research methods that can be applied to basic, applied or clinical areas of immunology in the future
  • exposure to cutting-edge research and novel thinking in immunology
  • training and development in key academic, scientific and transferrable skills

To develop graduates who are able to:

  • respond to complex questions and challenges in immunology using their comprehensive, systematic understanding of the field and their analytical and research skills to reach reasoned conclusions
  • demonstrate independence and initiative in tackling problems and in conducting professional tasks in immunology, including by communicating clearly with general and field-specialist audiences 
  • continue to learn and develop independently as professionals and evidence-based thinkers

This is a full-time one-year MSc course in Oxford.