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The TWO Study is a single centre trial being run in Oxford at the Oxford Transplant Centre and the Transplantation Research and Immunology Group labs in the John Radcliffe.


The conduct of the trial is monitored by a Trial Steering Committee whose members are:

Prof. Edward Geissler (Chair)


MRC representative as observer

Dr. Sophie Brouard (Université de Nantes)

Ms. Sue Dutton (University of Oxford)

Prof. Peter Friend (Oxford Transplant Centre)

Prof. John Isaacs (University of Newcastle)

Dr. Fadi Issa (University of Oxford)

Dr Paul Harden (Oxford Transplant Centre)

Dr. Qizhi Tang (University of California)

Dr. Jason Lowe (patient representative)


Patient safety is monitored by the Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC):

Prof. Alan Salama (Chair)


Dr. Paul Harden (in attendance in open session; Oxford Transplant Centre)

Miss Lorna Marson (University of Edinburgh)

Dr. Nicholas Torpey (Cambridge Transplant Centre)

Mr Chen Ji (Independent statistician; University of Warwick)

Ms. Monica Dolton (as observer; University of Oxford)


Collaborating groups/universities:

King's College London

Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust


Commercial partners:

Beckman Coulter

Miltenyi Biotec