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The Surgical Intervention Trials Unit in the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (SITU NDS) enjoyed success at the recent Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) CTU Awards.

Certificate with the words 'Congratulations MACRO Trial. Winner of the OCTRU CTU Awards 2022 in the category Trial of the Year'.

These awards recognise contributions to the work of the unit over the last year. 

Stephen Jones holding the ‘Trial of the Year' trophy.Congratulations to the MACRO Trial team (Stephen Jones, pictured left, and Laura Lloyd Jones) for winning ‘Trial of the Year’. MACRO (Defining best Management for Adults with Chronic RhinOsinusitis) is an NIHR-funded programme of work designed to establish best practice for adults with chronic rhinosinusitis.

We are also delighted to report that the DISCUS Trial – an emergency spinal neurosurgery randomised controlled trial for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury – was nominated for two awards in the category of ‘Trial Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Trial of the Year’. The team includes Melody Chin and Tallulah Chaplain from NDS.

Congratulations also to Clinical Research Coordinator Jo Cook (TROMBONE, ART and PENTAGONS trials) for being commended in the OCTRU CTU Awards 2022 in the category of 'Special Recognition for Trial(s) Contribution' and to Alice Guazzelli who was nominated in the category of ‘Trial Manager of the Year’. Alice is Clinical Trial Manager for the SARONG and ART trials.