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The Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) were excited to once again be part of IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festival.

A young female visitor learning about the human brain and how to suture a banana skin to stimulate surgery at the NDS stall in Templars Square Shopping Centre.

IF Oxford is an opportunity for people to explore innovative ideas and creative research in and around the city during October every year.

A dedicated team of outreach volunteers from NDS got involved in a careers webinar and exhibited hands-on activities at our family-friendly stall.


On Wednesday 12 October, three Medical Sciences researchers, including Dr Sushma Shankar of NDS, spoke about what it's like to undertake research today and how they started their medical journey. This webinar is part of an on-going series, which aims to highlight the wide range of different careers available in medical research and some of the surprising ways that people have got there. 


Visitors to our interactive stall on Saturday 15 October at Oxford Works and on Sunday 16 October at Templars Square Shopping Centre were able to try their hand at surgery and find out about some of the department's cutting edge research. 

To prepare for surgery, participants first completed the Glo Germ activity, which demonstrated the sticking power of germs and the necessity of good hand washing techniques before surgery - and in general. Once in the operating theatre, they learnt how to suture a banana skin to simulate surgery.

Mr Martin Gillies from Oxford Functional Neurosurgery at NDS talked to visitors of all ages about deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery and research, demonstrating some DBS equipment including skull models and a twist drill.

Participants also enjoyed a 3D learning experience to explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems with fully immersive 360 videos using augmented reality t-shirts and iPads.


Please contact Louise King if you are an NDS member interested in joining the NDS Outreach Committee or would like to be involved with our outreach activities on an adhoc basis.

The IF Oxford Outreach Team