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ORB team



  • Developing protocols and procedures to ensure legal and ethical compliance for the biobank and associated research projects
  • Obtaining consent from patients for use of donated samples for research, ensuring that they fully understand the purpose for which each sample is being collected, and have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have
  • Collecting, processing and storing human tissue for research ensuring that all statutory and Human Tissue Authority licencing requirements with regard to tracking and traceability are met
  • Monitoring and maintaining storage equipment to ensure that storage environmental conditions do not deviate beyond acceptable limits, and taking appropriate remedial action where necessary
  • Maintaining accurate and current records of sample location and consent, including necessary Material Transfer Agreements, and shipping and courier documentation for material transferred to external destinations
  • Reviewing and processing researcher applications for access to human tissue samples, ensuring that the proposed use is for ethically approved studies, consistent with the consent given by the sample donor, and covered where required by appropriate material and/or data transfer agreements, and compliant with any additional guidance (e.g. retention of diagnostic material)
  • Providing histological services such as tissue embedding, sectioning and staining, as listed on the OCHRe Services web page, in close collaboration with the OUH Department of Cellular Pathology
  • Providing IT systems to securely store data about the samples and the donor, ensuring adherence at all times to good information governance practice, Oxford University and OUH NHS Trust information.