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Surgical education 1

The Clinical Tutor's Office is located within NDS on level 6 of the John Radcliffe Hospital and is primarily responsible for the delivery and development of surgical training for 4th and 6th year medical students. We also offer placements for elective and work experience students, via the Medical School and the Voluntary Services Office.

Our Staff

Director of Education: Professor Ashok Handa

Surgical Course Administrator: Eleanor Wilson
Assistant Surgical Course Administrator:
 Jackie Heap

Clinical Lecturers

2015-16 Tutors

Thomas Barnes Niall Dempster David Fawkner-Corbett Conrad Harrison
Katie Hurst Shameen Jaunoo
Simon Knight
Chun Kwok
Thomas Layton
Spyros Marinos Kouris
Rossell Morhij
Ali Navi
Heshan Priyatilake
Al Qureishi
Georgios Vrakas

NDS Tutor of the Year

2016 Year 4 Tutor of the Year - Katie Hurst
2015 Year 6 Tutor of the Year - Georgios Vrakas

NDS Teacher of the Year

2016 Year 4 Teacher of the Year - Greg Thomas
2015 Year 6 Teacher of the Year - Greg Thomas